Digital Narrative Game: Final Draft

Since the first draft, Farida Swellem and I added new scenarios that depict others aspects of the child’s life as well as the parents. In addition, we added pictures to help people visualize what we are talking about in the game. As previously mentioned, the scenarios depicted in this game are from personal experiences. Firstly, I grew up as a volunteer in Special Olympics so I was around many parents and children and have been involved in many of the scenarios mentioned in the game. The game is a compilation of experiences that have occurred to me while volunteering or occurred to Farida with a family member. These scenarios are based on conversations with mothers during the tough and hectic times of the games, from my experience. Many of the feedback that we received said that we did not depict the full life of the child. We added 2 scenarios in which the question is in the perception of the parent since children are not the only ones affected. Other scenarios depicted the child being bullied, having a problem with their social life and finding hobbies other than sports. In addition, another feedback that we received was that people did not know what the different educational institutions were so we provided an explanation for each. Finally, a couple of people said that the game was too dull because there were not any colors which is why we added pictures. If we had more time, I would try to sit down with a parent of someone who has down syndrome to really depict the journey in depth. Moreover, I would add more scenarios because I felt limited to what people would want to see and what we must say. Creating this game, I learned that some people really have it difficult in life and that we must think of others before acting. Nevertheless, it made me realize how blessed I am for being able to carry on with my life without having such a worry. I do not think I learned as much as I would hope people who know nothing about Special Olympics would.


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