Digital Narrative Game Design

For my digital narrative game, I partnered up with Farida Swellem. We chose a topic that is so dear to my heart which is: Special Olympics. So for anyone who doesn’t know what Special Olympics is, let me tell you. It is an Olympics for people with intellectual disabilities such as Down Syndrome, Autism, Aspergers, Cerebral Palsy etc. It is NOT Paralympics since they are so often confused for each other. When I was 2 years old, around 2000, my father took a new opportunity and changed careers. He was appointed as the Regional President of Special Olympics in the Middle East and North Africa. Growing up, my sisters and I would volunteer at every World Games even the Summer and Winter Games. It is our way of helping the community but it also created bond with our father. It is all he knows and all he dreams of now. The game we created is based on scenarios that I have either witnessed or heard of from family members or the family members of the athletes. The reason I chose this topic is that there is such a stigma behind being intellectually disabled, especially in Egypt, in that you are thought of as less capable of doing something. But what one does not know is that they are not less capable, they just do it differently but this is paves the road for judgement and labels to take place. It should not. The goal for this game is to raise awareness and promote inclusion. Some people do not even know what being intellectually disabled entails yet they are so quick to label them based on what society projects it to be. We just want to shed light on how brilliant, energetic and very capable those athletes are and they deserve the recognition. My father always used to tell me, “whenever someone says that the intellectually disabled cannot do something, always tell them, they are not disabled, they are differently abled” and this is the message I want to send with this game.


1 thought on “Digital Narrative Game Design”

  1. I just saw Farida’s blogpost and didn’t expect yours to be different – love the diagram and love the story about your dad. It’s amazing you both have a special connection to the special olympics so you’re both coming at it with a lot of passion. This is great. I left a more detailed note on suggestions for imrpovement on Farida’s blog.


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