Digital Confidence Profile

I genuinely love online surveys even if it is on a bogus website because I believe they provide you with some insight into a certain aspect of your life that you may have never even thought of. I believe it brings hope to the hopeless, a light in a dark tunnel that can somehow guide them into an unforeseen path; something to believe in. But this test was different, not your average what your life will be like in 5 years kind of test. I consider myself to be technologically skilled but this survey thought of technology in terms of the actual tools used, for example, learning how to check for viruses. Before reading the description, I thought technology? I am certainly confident but when I read the criteria for what someone confident in technology is, comfortable resonated more with me. Finding and using information as well as creating and innovating is an essential part of my major: Marketing, which I believe is where my strengths in the digital world lie. The most shocking category was Identity and Well-being not in that I was unaware of what identity on the digital web means but more that I have never encountered anything that would make me take serious precautions. Of course, protecting passwords and public information online is ABC internet but dealing with firewall and malware is out of my scope of knowledge. I think Identity and Well-being is where I need to focus on improving due to the importance of such a concept and how it can greatly affect people’s lives.


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